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Easy Money Will Be Available On August 31

August 15th, 2016 by Karen Climer

Today is the first day of early voting here in Florida. At the end of the month, there will be many candidates who will have been knocked out of the race, but they will still have money left in their accounts. There are laws about how they can get rid of that money. The vast majority choose to give it to a nonprofit organization.

How can you get that money? Just ask for it. Before the end of this week, send a letter to the candidates and ask them to donate some of their excess campaign funds to your organization. It’s even better if you can tie your organization into what their campaign supports. For example, if they have been promoting the importance of creating jobs and getting people to work, your daycare center takes care of children, which makes it possible for their parents to work. If they have been promoting quality of life, the theater you work for increases the quality of life in your city.

Be careful in this letter to only address excess campaign funds that they will have at the end of the campaign. Do not mention that they will have these funds available on August 31 or that the campaign is over Why not? Well, every candidate in almost every race believes they will win the primary and go to November. Don’t insult them by saying they will lose in August.

Should you just wait until after August 31 and only send it to the ones who lose? I wouldn’t wait. Once they lose, they want to wrap things up as soon as they can. For many, that means a few short days. Send the letter before the campaign is over. I would send it this week. Even if they do go to November, your request now is not out of the ordinary.

Where do you find the names and addresses of the candidates? Go to the County Supervisor of Elections website for your county. For other candidates, go to the division of elections for your state. For Florida, it is here. Send a letter to the candidates in the area your organizations serves.

A pretty decent amount of money goes to charity after these campaigns.  Very few nonprofits ask for it.


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  1. Becky Farmerie

    This is an excellent fund-raising option that not many organizations utilize. Thank you for your insights about the best way to approach the candidates.

  2. Frances

    Excellent idea!

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