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Amazon Smile Is Costing Your Organization In Ways You Might Not Realize

December 19th, 2014 by Karen Climer

You have probably received dozens of emails from nonprofit organizations suggesting that you do your Christmas shopping on Amazon Smile.  I’m not a fan of Amazon Smile because organizations spend way too much time promoting Amazon instead of asking for donations.  A customer has to spend $1,000 on Amazon for your organization to get $5 (the minimum payout).  If you just asked for the $5, the donor would probably give it to you.

Recently, I read a piece by Alan Cantor that offers some other thoughts about Amazon Smile.  Amazon might not reflect the values of your organization.  If you are using Amazon Smile, or any other similar corporate partnership, I encourage you to read it.

Lastly, this piece from the Seattle Times often another perspective.  Amazon Smile donations do not reflect the values of Amazon.  Additionally, it mentions an organization that received $18.32 from Amazon Smile after spending $126.09 advertising it.  Even organizations that do not purchase advertising are losing money on Amazon Smile.  You are spending your time (which equates to money) advertising for Amazon instead of raising real money for your organization.

It’s not often that the entire substance of my blog post is to send you somewhere else to read something, but these two pieces are that good.


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