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The One Thing You Need To Do To Increase Your Donations

October 7th, 2014 by Karen Climer

Quite frequently, I am asked by fundraising professionals, board members, and executive directors, “What can we do to increase our donations?”  I suspect these people are hoping that I have one magic tip that will take half an hour to implement, the fundraising dam will break down, and a river of money will flow into the nonprofit.  The good news is that I have that one tip that will increase your donations.  The bad news is it takes more than 30 minutes to implement.  If you’re still interested, keep reading…

The single biggest thing you can do increase your fundraising this year is to talk to your donors.  That’s it.  Talk to your donors.

Other things are important, but talking to donors is the most important.  The newsletter, the annual auction, the e-mail list, the website – all of that is important.  But none of it is even half as important as talking to your donors.

What do you talk about?  Talk about what they are interested in.  They are interested in your organization, so talk about that, but talk about their other interests too.  Talk about the other charities they donate to.  Talk about their families.  Talk about their vacations.  Talk to them the same way you talk to a friend.

Nothing – not one single thing – will do more for increasing your donations than a personal conversation between you and a donor.  Don’t put this off.  Before you do one more thing today, pick up the phone and call a donor.  It’s the single most important thing you can do to become more successful in raising money.

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  1. Ron Climer

    Have you ever considered a career in real estate? That sounds a lot like my blog about how to get real estate listings. Call a prospect.

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